J2D2 Limited possesses extensive expertise across diverse industries, making us adept at constructing software solutions of varying complexities.
Our predominant competency lies in crafting streamlined, functional, and intelligent technology, which assists our clients in addressing their ever-evolving legal and regulatory obstacles through groundbreaking e-discovery solutions. Our extensive track record includes effectively overseeing and managing the complete life cycle of e-discovery and document review projects, spanning projects of all scales.


Video Media Company

Teleprompter , Video Editor, And Kit To Create Compelling Videos.With Newsfull Conveniently Add Titles And Text To Your Videos Easy Editor Annel. Also Store Your Videos In One Location.


Crypto Analysis

A crypto signal is simply an instruction on what cryptocurrency trade position to open in the market and this signal will contain all the relevant information in that regard.


Virtual Work Space

Work with the largest network of independent professionals and get things done—from quick turnarounds to big transformations.


 Digital Hearthcare

The world is now experiencing a ground-breaking concept where healthcare professionals visit your residence for check-ups at your convenience by using dohocare Bringing Private and Hospital doctors as customer demand either Virtual calls or Home visit. We also offers
emergency healthcare services by booking credit for 24 hours home visit and live calls. W


News and Media

A complete market intelligence platform that enables users to filter out noise and create a completely bespoke front-end platform that focuses on their personal requirements.


Largest Ed-tech

Our mission is to provide universal access to world-class learning. We plan to partner with over 200 leading university and industry partners to offer a broad catalog of content and credentials, including courses, off-Line courses, Specializations, Professional Certificates, Guided Projects, Live classes, Private live clsses and bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

20 Trusted App

Social App

At 20Trusted, we believe that the best way to network is by connecting with the people you trust and discovering mutual connections.

Endless Domain

Buy Sell WEB3 Domain

One Stop Shop for Web3 Domains
Own your identity in the digital world.
We're returning the power of the internet to the people


Blockchain Payment

CircleRent connects all participants of residential rental space on a single platform.

Technologies we used

J2D2 Limited leverages contemporary and secure technologies to create applications and fulfill project requirements. Technology involves the application of knowledge to achieve tangible objectives in a specific and repeatable manner. Furthermore, the term "technology" can also refer to the outcome of such efforts. The utilization of technology is extensively pervasive across fields such as medicine, science, industry, communication, transportation, and everyday existence.

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