J2-D2 comprises of design and tech gurus determined to create fit-for-growth tech with cutting edge user experience.


J2-D2 is a software consulting house that focuses on building cutting edge technologies with great emphasis on User Interface and User Experience (UI and UX). We have taken this adage as the core strategy for our company. Unlike other Software Development Agencies (for web and app development), we limit the risk for all our clients up to the point where the client is able to experience the demo of the product first hand with Motion-UI. In layman terms, client is able to see the product in action as a prototype well before we start building the core functions and back-end of the software. We have had a 100% success rate of delivering all our client projects but given the delivery track record of most software development companies, we like to give that edge of assurance to our clients upfront.

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Company Name:
J2-D2 Limited
James Blackwood Murray
IT & Miscellaneous publishing
105 Philbeach Gardens LONDON, SW5 9ET United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 8525 8899

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J2-D2 is an independent, modern software development company with oodles of experience in creating digital products and the strategies to power them.Our expertise in application development is evolutionary and at-par with next-generation software applications. We have a team of creative designers, quick developers, vigilant project managers, and aggressive online marketers.
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