J2D2 Limited stands as a company with a vast range of expertise spanning diverse industries. Our capability extends to crafting software solutions of varying complexities, showcasing our adaptability and proficiency.
Our foundational strength lies in constructing streamlined, pragmatic, and intelligent technology that empowers our clients to tackle their ever-evolving legal and regulatory obstacles through groundbreaking e-discovery solutions. Our extensive experience encompasses effectively overseeing and managing the complete lifecycle of e-discovery and document review projects, regardless of their scale. This experience underscores our commitment to innovation, ensuring that we provide effective solutions aligned with the dynamic challenges our clients face.

    We pride ourselves on our evolutionary expertise in application development, which is aligned with the standards of next-generation software solutions. Our dedicated team comprises innovative designers, swift developers, vigilant project managers, and dynamic online marketers.
  • Anand Bhandari

    Becoming an expert in full stack web development with proficiency in Node.js,AI PHP, React.js, Python, SOLIDITY, NFTs, MongoDB, MySQL, WordPress CMS, and web server management is a valuable accomplishment. This broad skill set allows you to create comprehensive and innovative web applications
  • Sarela Marg

    Project Coordinator
    Managing projects involves a multifaceted set of skills, from effective communication and team coordination to strategic planning and task management. Your ability to provide technical information to your team, collaborate with design and development teams, and oversee project deliverables demonstrates a comprehensive approach to project management.
  • Prabhat Ale

    AI Python ENGINEER
    Hi, I am doing best things in Whether you're building web applications, working on data analysis, or exploring machine learning, Python offers a versatile and powerful platform for your development projects. If you have questions or need assistance related to Python development,

    Hi, I am doing best things in Web development around Nodejs ,Web Technology, Reactjs, MongoDB, Mysql, development ,AWS ,MAIL SERVER, WEB HOSTING and making myself expert in full stack web engineer.
  • Sailesh Shakhya

    Hi, I am doing best things in IOS and ANDROID App development programming languages like Java or Kotlin, Android Studio (the official integrated development environment for Android), and various libraries and frameworks that facilitate app development.

+ 5 Fintech & Finance Experts

+12 Backend Engineers

+ 13 Frontend Engineers

+ 6 Database Engineers

+ 7 Mobile App Engineers

+ 5 Project Consultant

+ 7 AI Engineers

+ 5 Server/ Security Engineers

+ 4 skilled Designers

+ 5 Core Management Team

+ 20 other skilled Engineers